Our Style

Let's get married together?
For this it´s important that you understand our style and identify with our photographic.
Photography is the only item that you´ll have for a lifetime.
The Photography tells the story of the "Great Day" and it´s through photography that children, grandchildren and family will be able to share these memories with you.

But among many styles, why choose Photojournalism Artistic creative?
Let's first explain some concepts:

- What´s Photojournalism?

Photojournalism is taking pictures of a spontaneously way. People don´t need to do poses, generally not realize that they´re being photographed, they´re involved in the moment and don´t care about our presence and the various flashes. In this way, we can eternalizing a feeling, an emotion, a reaction, through an image without trials ...

- What is Artistic?

We found the DOM, the artistic look of professional, the technical ability combined with the details of perception, the speed of the look, to capture the moment. Then we have photos with accurate color, the exact focus, on the perfect "screen", with the best light and context, transforming reality into a true work of art of QUALITY.

- What is creative?

It´s be out of the classic, is have unique and exclusive photos. It is gives grace and life to this moment so special. It is out of the conventional, leaving the imagination speak up and go in search of different photos.

PHOTOJOURNALISM + ARTISTIC + CREATIVE = is take advantage of the technique, moments, equipments, environments, the look of our artists and our creative capacity. Do "that picture" without people realize with quality and emotion. It plays with everything that's around us and have different results than we find out in other places...

Yes! This is the style of the team Photojournalist Sergio Gaeta ... And then? Let's get married?

Main Team

Sérgio Gaeta


Silvia Gomes

Video Journalist